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Wine tasting tickets now live

Updated: Jan 20

Let the tastings commence!


Cheese board and wine glass from tasting

One of my very favourite parts of working in wine is introducing people to the wonderful stories of the producers behind the bottles and exposing them to new wines from different regions or varieties, it’s the best part of the job and something both Abi and I agree will be a big part of what we do at The Stores. 

Now we are through the madness that was our first Christmas we’ve begun to schedule in tastings for the year, we plan for these to be relaxed and informal, with good company, food and plenty of wine!

The first cheese and wine matching evening on the 10th January has amazingly already sold out but there is another on its way on the 15th Feb, alongside these we are starting a wine fuelled tour through Italy’s regions next month. Beginning in the elegant slopes of Piedmont and finishing on the sunny Sicilian coast we will be weaving our way through the best and least know varietals and wines that Italy offers.

I have long believed that for deliciously drinkable and food friendly wines at any budget, Italy is hard to beat and there is so much undiscovered if you look a little longer, in fact I think I would pick Italy if I was (God forbid!) made to choose just one country to drink wine from forever!

Unfortunately however, Italy is one of the most challenging countries to get to grips with wine wise! With over 350 registered grape varieties and rumours that it might be closer to 2000 altogether, it can feel a bit daunting on knowing where to start.

Big stars like Chianti, Barolo and the unforgettable Prosecco dominate the shelves the multitude of other fantastic regional wines can fade into the background, so we want to bring a little bit of Italian hospitality to Frome, with some delicious bottles lined up to guide you through!

Our first stop on 2nd February will be Piedmont and Lombardy in the north westerly corner of the country and boasting some of the most elegant wine of the lot, followed by the mountain bordered enigmatic wines of Trento, alto Adidge, Fruili and Veneto on the 1st of March.

April will visit the foodie heaven that is Emilia Romagna, Abruzzo and the Marche, with the Superstars of Tuscany and Umbria in May. Heading into sunnier regions for June with Campania and Puglia before ended our odyssey with the warm, vibrant and joyful wines of Sicily and Calabria in July.

We would absolutely love for you to join us on any (or all!) of these evenings and for anyone who would like to embark on all of the 6 tastings we will be hosting a very special Italian supper club in September as a celebration of all that wonderful Italian wine drunk and the discoveries made! To which you will receive a complimentary ticket.

We are always delighted to come up with bespoke tastings for birthday, hen parties, corporate days or any other events that you think could benefit from a little wine! Please get in touch with us via our email; hello@thestoresinfrome or on Instagram to ask about these!

We hope to welcome you soon to toast our opening over a glass of something delicious!

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